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Buna Fire Roasted Ethiopian Coffee

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Dark or Medium Roast 

Coffee Ceremony

Coffee Ceremonies are a historical and traditional way of making coffee that takes place everyday in a Ethiopia Culture.

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of the coffee plant and its name is said to come from the region of Kaffa where it was originally discovered.

Coffee is more than a day-to-day drink in Ethiopia.

Many regions in Ethiopia grow coffee such as Yirga Chaffe, Sidamo, Kaffa, Jimma etc. We have all varieties and all of them have their own unique flavors

Would you like Sebel to host a Coffee Ceremony at your next event?

Witness the roasting of Ethiopian Coffee Beans in this aromatic coffee ceremony. Share this ritual with others! Whether it is during a private event, celebration, birthday party, business event or any other venue. Sharing of this savory coffee will surely be a memorable event. Contact Seble to schedule your venue!

BUNA Fire Roasted coffee LLC is a sister company to Claypot Ethiopian Cuisine, which is also owned by Seble Yemenu.

It is currently located in Corrales NM. We offer traditionally fire roasted coffee beans and coffee ceremony events

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