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Cooking Classes Hosted at Seble's Home in Corrales, New Mexico

Would you like a warm and cozy get together with Friends & Family Cooking with Seble and learning the Authentic way to cook Ethiopian food? Contact Seble to set your date! 

Cooking events include the creating of 3 meals in this shared experience. Your choice of a meat, vegetable and lentil dish!

There will be no left overs her food is so good!

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What can I expect during a private cooking class at Seble's home?

Creating memorable moments for you and family and friends while sharing food, unique flavors and inspiration while Seble teaches you her traditional Ethiopian Culinary Art. 

I keep the size of the groups intimate. Whether it is a cooking class for 2-6 in the winter months or 10-15 in the summer months with an outdoor cooking event each class has its own unique and heart felt experience.


 Seble will provide menu options based on your food choices. 

You can select from her menu:

Vegetarian, Vegetarian & Meat, or All Meat. The choice is yours.

A Cooking Class can be expected to last 2 hours, cooking three dishes before you feast!

Because each class is unique please contact Seble directly to plan your event. 

Seble teaches in detail the Art of Ethiopian food so people can prepare the food made during the class in their own homes.

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Clay Pot loves hosting events buffet style or cooking classes and partner with Healing Events and other event settings! Check out Healing Events and what they have to offer!

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