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Our Services


Want to experience first hand Chef Seble Yemenu Gift of Cooking Ethiopian Food from her Country?

You can have your next event catered by Seble creating a warm, flavorful and memorable experience for all who attend.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Meat Dishes, are available and Gluten Free.

Meal Preparation 

Why not enjoy flavorful foods in the comfort of your home with Seble's Meal Preparation Service. 

Choose from a rotating selection of dishes, that are easily paired with one another to share with yourself or a friend. 

Injera Bread is always included with each meal. 

Coffee Ceremony

Are you wanting a special experience at your next event, ceremony or home. See the process of roasting coffee beans, grinding the coffee after roasting for this aromatic experience. 

Roasting is suitable for outdoors, but the coffee ceremony is best indoors with friends on chilly days.

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Seble makes any event warm and flavorful!

Dazzle your friends and family at your next event with Authentic Ethiopian Food made in Corrales and Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Or host a Ethiopian Cooking Class in your home for loved ones. Assisting Seble with cooking a meal and sharing good food while learning a flavorful menu. 

Craving a Coffee Ceremony? From Roasting to sharing Ethiopian coffee, this ritual is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any small sized event. 

Perhaps you love to savor food in the comfort of your own home? Meal Preparation is a great way to enjoy food that is unique to our region. 

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